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The Lancashire Wedding House Return and Refund Policy


Can I get a refund or my deposit back on custom orders?


Deposits left for any item in our store are non-refundable. A deposit will secure the item you wish to purchase as per trading standards guidelines you are entering in to contract with us that you wish to purchase the goods and goods will then be ordered on your behalf.

If you change your mind or no longer need the item for whatever reason you will forfeit your deposit and the full amount will need paid on the item.

Do I have to pay for the rest of the balance of the item in full?


Yes. As majority of the items sold in the shop are custom orders. The law is completely different to general retail statutory rights. Items that have been ordered on your behalf after a deposit has been made will require the full amount of the item to be paid by the customer no matter the circumstances. For example if we have ordered a dress specifically for you and you no longer want/need the dress you are liable for the cost of the dress.


Can I get a refund or my deposit back on sample/stock items?


Items that are sold that are samples/stock the law still applies to these items. Specific faults are pointed out to you at the time of purchase if the item has any. If a fault is pointed out to you before a purchase is made, then no claim can be made in relation to the fault. Deposits or full amounts paid on sample/stock items are also non-refundable.

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