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Where Do I Start?


So you have decided to get married, massive congratulations to you both but now the real work starts and the next 6 months / year will be a hive of activity and an emotional roller coaster that you will absolutely adore but will want to get off from time to time. Here at The Lancashire Wedding House we want to offer you great advice that makes the journey a seamless experience and one that can live on in your memory for years to come. So here it is, the most important part of the planning for any bride is the dress, there is a lot to consider so please read our hints and tips below which will help you choose your dress and with so much to plan, we will relieve you of as much of the stress and pressure as we possibly can.

What Shape Are You?

The first thing to consider is what shape you are as we all come in different shapes and sizes, that's what makes every person so unique. It is important you know what shape you are as some dresses will look amazing on the rail but when tried on they won't create the vision you imagined.


The Apple Shape


An apple shape will have fuller breasts and be heavier on the top as apples tend to have slimmer hips and great legs, flatter bottoms. A few famous apples you may know and love are Trya Banks, Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Hurley.


The Straight / Rectangular / Banana


This shape is deemed to be that of an athletic body with small breasts and hips with a curve in the waist, this body shape is similar to that of a catwalk model think of Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz.


The Hourglass

This shape will have weight distributed across the whole body with large moderate breasts a small waist and large hips. Your best assets will be your small waist and curvy hips, think Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese and Kelly Brook.

The Pear


This shape has more weight on the hips and below the waist with a fuller bottom. The pear will also have a small bust and narrow shoulders with the best assets being a tiny waste and gorgeous bottom, famous pears are Beyoncé, Jlo and Kim Kardsashian.


The Inverted Triangle / Carrot

This shape has more weight in the upper part of the body, you are likely to have larger breasts with broad shoulders and back, smaller hips and waist with your best assets being your legs and breasts! Famous Carrot shaped bodies are Lucy Lui and Dolly Parton.

      Wedding Dress Silhouettes


So you have decided on your shape, it's irrelevant whether you are tall, short, big or small everybody wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day and feel like a princess, you want a dress that makes you feel beautiful, confident and the belle of the ball. Dresses come in all shapes, Princess / A line, Ball Gown, Grecian / Empire, Mermaid / Trumpet, Sheath /Column and Tea Length. There are also lots of materials to choose from including lace, satin, chiffon, taffeta, tulle and organza. Colours range from ivory, champagne, red, pink, sliver, black and more. We will give you a guide as to what suits basic shapes. You will probably already know what suits you and have an idea of what you would like but with the hints and tips below, you should be able to get an even better idea of what will suit you and save you some valuable time.

The A line


This style dress is appropriate for any occasion and these dresses can be made in any fabric and will suit almost any body shape. It is the most forgiving of wedding dresses, for the inverted triangle it will balance out the top, for rectangles it will create waist definition, for a pear it will highlight the narrow waist and hide some of the bottom heaviness and for the hourglass it will show off their small waist. However, this dress is perfect for the apple shape as it will bring in your waist, slim down your shape and it also provides a longer torso fit until it reaches the hip, providing a longer upper body shape with a skirt that will balance out the bottom. For the smaller bride it can also create height.


The Ball Gown / Princess


This dress is very dramatic, it says fairy tale bride all the way and is mostly suited to traditional weddings. The gowns come with a fitted bodice and a very large dramatic skirt that can be made from any fabric depending on the effect that you want. Again this style will suit most shapes, however it is best suited for pear and slimmer shapes such as the banana. The ball gown does highlight the waist and does hide any imperfections below. Brides with larger breasts can create an hourglass with this gown but you should remember it can make you look larger, also this is not suitable for shorter brides as the sheer size of the dress can be too overwhelming.


The Empire / Grecian


The empire wedding dress has a waistline that sits just under the bust line and the rest of the dress falls from that line to the floor length hem. This dress suits almost all body shapes but slimmer brides with smaller breasts may prefer this style. This dress would suit most occasions but would also not be out of place for a beach style wedding. This dress suits lighter fabrics such as chiffon.

The empire cut also works great at covering any areas that you are not comfortable with so can be ideal for pear shape and apple shape bodies, this is also a good choice for pregnant brides.


The Mermaid / Trumpet


This dress is called a mermaid dress because of the narrowness of it until it reaches your knees when it will then flare out to create the shape of a mermaids tail. To wear this dress you must be comfortable with your shape as it will accentuate, cling and highlight every part of your body. It is suitable for tall and shorter brides but the shorter bride may want to consider another shape as this shape can shorten the body. This dress is suitable for slimmer figures such as the banana and is very flattering for the hourglass, especially if you want to show your curves off. This is not a dress that would flatter apple or pear shapes; it can be made in any fabric depending on the effect you are wanting to achieve.


The Column / Sheath Dress


The column / sheath wedding dress has a vertical line that falls from the shoulder straight down to the floor with no flare. This dress will cling to your body showing every curve and imperfection so it is more suitable for the slimmer banana shaped bride but you must be comfortable with your figure for this dress shape.

This dress is suited to more informal occasions or a beach wedding as the lengths can also be customised to the knee for a more casual look or longer train for a church wedding. This dress is suited to leaner figures tall and short as it gives the illusion of length, if it is made in heavier fabric it can hide problem areas, if a lighter fabric is used it can be unforgiving to your flaws.


Tea Length


This style lands anywhere from the bottom of the calf to the ankle and gives you the classic look of a formal gown without the fuss of the floor length. There is a strong vintage revival going on for weddings at the moment and this dress is most commonly worn for daytime weddings. Tea length can be worn at a less formal evening wedding, the most popular fabrics are lace or satin that can be worn in the classic 1950's style crinolines. This style suits most shapes depending on the design and it is also always better for somebody who wants to show off shapely legs.